AstroStudy: Numerology


Numerology is any belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts. Each different number has its own set of attributes and meanings which relate to individual character types, moods, events and forces which have influence over a particular person or attributes. In numerology each number has distinct “positive” and “negative” meanings, much like the inverted and non- inverted meanings of tarot cards in a tarot spread.
Now lets study a few positive and negative traits of the numbers in numerology :

  • Number 1
  • Positive traits – number 1 is a powerful number of initiation, leadership and personal drive. 1 is often seen as a creative force and indicates courage, self determination and a commanding spirit.
    Negative traits – number 1 can represent egotistical behaviour, self-centeredness and an inability to consider the needs of others.

  • Number 2
  • Positive traits – number 2 is seen as being generous, warm, adaptable and sympathetic. 2 is often seen as nurturing energy, vital to the establishment of society, relationship and home.
    Negative traits – the number 2 can represent an overemphasis on petty details, self consciousness , timidity and a sense of victimization.

  • Number 3
  • Positive traits – number 3 is commonly seen as the creative number, which represent visual creativity, problem solving, communication and powerful imagination. It is associated with a deeply rooted sense of optimism.
    Negative traits – number 3 can represent a lack of creativity, personal conceit, inability to conclude creative projects and a loss of optimum.

  • Number 4
  • Positive traits – number 4 is an adherence to organisation and rules, a sense of order and a respect for the law. It can also reference management abilities and skills relating to groups of people.
    Negative traits – number 4 can represent a lack of coherence and understanding, an inability to see the big picture, confusion, a transgression of the law or a failure to comply with existing order.

  • Number 5
  • Positive traits – number 5 points to original vision, new horizon, flexibility and spontaneity. It represents pioneering spirit, perseverance of will and nimble action.
    Negative traits – 5 can represent disrespect of natural boundaries, a sense of impatience and a willingness to defy the greater good for personal conquest.

  • Number 6
  • Positive traits – number 6 is frequently connected with groups, societies and larger social units. It denotes a strong sense of social responsibility and interconnectivity. 6 also references creativity, love and strong ties of friendship.
    Negative traits – 6 can represent one who has shunned society, broken the trust of others or is opposed by others.

  • Number 7
  • Positive traits – number 7 represents both science and magic. Analytical skills meet with natural inventive abilities, and a strong sense of perfectionism. It is one who meditates and finds wisdom.
    Negative traits – 7 is a person who spends too much time alone, or one who allows his or her sense of perfectionism to interfere with other essential aspects of their lives. Easily distracted and insincere is another negative trait of number 7.

  • Number 8
  • Positive traits – number 8 is strong in executive character and management ability. The essential qualifications for power, rule and decision making are inherent in the number. Ability to make wise judgement along with an overall theme of responsibility and trust.
    Negative traits – number 8 can be immature and reckless at times.

  • Number 9
  • Positive traits – number 9 is highly a social number, possessing traits of good cheer, friendliness and social ability. A socialite and a confident number even if they mostly keep to themselves.
    Negative traits –number 9 can reference irresponsible partying and over indulgence.


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