AstroStudy: Metals


Mars metal is Gold but colour is Bright Red

Jupiter metal is Silver but colour is Golden/Silver

Moon metal is Gems but colour is Milky White

Venus metal is diamonds (but crystal is also under Venus; crystal like diamond reflects but not of a pinprick kind of intensity for the rays unless the crystal is cut into a fine maze of surfaces that reflects) but colour is Shining White. Venus colour is yellow too (sky blue is only a weak colour of Venus).

Sun is copper red and metal is copper

Mercury is green and the metal is brass

Saturn is blue/black and metal is Iron

Saturn's metal being iron, shows it is malleable through the process of smelting (Mars). It is a common metal especially in rocky outcrops (Saturn also rules sideway rocks). A certain proportion of carbon mixed with iron transforms into steel which is a good substitute for diamond for building frameworks and structures (more cheap!!!). This shows Venus and Saturn both are hardy when the need arises. Copper was used before Iron in the ancient world showing that the Sun is the father of Saturn.

Saturn's blue shows its affinity for God (like Bali) and like the sky. Saturn is black and black being the absence of light sometimes protects the body from undue chemical reactions because of excessive sunlight. Black gives power too where people do not understand your strategy in business, for example.

Green is in the colour spectrum between yellow and blue. Yellow is Venus and Saturn is blue, so Mercury being green stands between Venus and Saturn. Green is the colour of youth, hope and spring (Gemini). It is chlorophyll which converts sunlight into chemicals needed by the plants. Mercury thus rules the basic tissues of the body (Jupiter rules the more complex tissues).

Mercury brass is made with copper combined with zinc. This shows that Mercury is more sophisticated than the Sun for profession. Brass is just one of the many alloys possible by combining copper with other elements which is bronze. A range of alloys gives a range of properties like stillness, ductibility and machinability. It shows the versatility of Mercury.

Best conductor of electricity is Silver which is Jupiter, followed by Copper which is Sun and then Zinc maybe yes, brass can conduct electricity too since brass is a mixture of copper and zinc.

Mars colour is red shows that Mars, Saturn and Mercury representing Red, Blue, Green respectively are the additive colours - these planets do all the hard work in society generally, but energy is also provided by the Sun who directs. Towards the end of summer, when cholorphyll is no more produced in plants, the leaves turn red. This shows Mercury is the complete antithesis of Mars (remember the theory of retrograde, when either retrograde, it changes to the other planet). The haemoglobin of the red blood corpuscles contain iron. Metal is usually the foundation that produces the effects of colours. So Saturn provides the foundation for Mars to show off - an orderly society shows that the populace is properly supervised by legal enforcement people.

Mars metal is gold but Jupiter colour is gold/silver. This shows Jupiter provides the foundation for Mars.

Sun's colour is copper. This colour is slightly brownish. Brown is the colour of Ketu showing that ketu and the Sun combined can really bring out the true effulgence of the Sun (colour emanates a person's personality, metal gives the foundational characteristic of that person). But Sun's metal is ALSO copper. It is the only planet where the colour and metal are the same. Thus the Sun represents the soul.

Jupiter's colour is gold and Venus colour is yellow. This shows the ties between Venus and Jupiter - Venus is born in Pushya where Jupiter is the deity and Jupiter is born in Poorva Phalguni where Venus rules. When you see an expanse of yellow from afar, it turns golden. Venus exhibits its full abundance with the help of Jupiter and Jupiter is shows prosperity and auspiciousness are general terms, to be evaluated in a person's life generally.

Jupiter's other colour is silver and its metal is also silver. We can set of gemstones (the metal of Moon) onto silver generally but certain gemstones can also be set in gold (Mars metal) for a more auspicious effect. Silver is the best conductor of electricity (Mars) showing only Jupiter is able to tame Mars completely, although Sun and Mercury can too because their metals are also able to conduct electricity. 

Silver has long been valued as a precious metal. More abundant than gold, silver metal has in many premodern monetary systems functioned as coinable specie, sometimes even alongside gold. In addition, silver has numerous applications beyond currency, such as in solar panels, water filtration, jewelry and ornaments, high-value tableware and utensils (hence the term silverware), and also as an investment in the forms of coins and bullion. Silver is used industrially in electrical contacts and conductors, in specialized mirrors, window coatings and in catalysis of chemical reactions. Its compounds are used in photographic film and X-rays. Dilute silver nitrate solutions and other silver compounds are used as disinfectants and microbiocides (oligodynamic effect), added to bandages and wound-dressings, catheters and other medical instruments.

Jupiter thus heals, helps the Sun, gives life (water filtration and silverware for dining etc.) and is related to the financial and monetary system of the world. It is also associated with investments.