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Lila Madhab Saikia is practicing astrology since last 22 years with mastery of the subject coupled with a deep understanding and perception of the practical life. He is a post graduate in Computer Science and Zoology. He also did his masters in Astrology. He uses his knowledge and expertise of Astrology to predict perfectly and to help and achieve objectives. He has established himself as an astrologer of standing. Many person has benefited from the insights offered by Lila Madhab Saikia. The beginning - Born on 25`" July 1979, in a village called Jamugurihat, District Tezpur (now Sonitpur), Assam; Lila Madhab Saikia was an extraordinary child since his early age. His father Shri. Hem Chandra Saikia and mother Shri. Hira Bania was school teacher by profession. Lila Madhab came from a very simple and humble background. Since early childhood he was an avid reader; he used to spend all his leisure time by reading various books and journals. He always had a fascination to know the un known. He tried to gain as much as knowledge he could gasp through books. He had a very distinct knowledge of the various Hindu Shastras, Veds and Upanishads since young age. Lila Madhab read and by huffed the entire Ramayana and Mahabharata (Epic Hindu Literature) even before reaching the age of 15 years. Besides he was also a brilliant student in his class; Maths being his favourite subject. Lila Madhab Saikia's first encounter with Astrology happened when he was in class 11' , when he met his chemistry teacher Sir Surajit Choudhury. Surajit Sir was not a professional Astrologer but he studies and did Astrology as a part of his hobby. Lila Madhab started to develop his liking for this subject called Astrology since this time when he came in interaction with his Chemistry teacher. And since that day there was no looking back. When at the age when all his friends choosed Medical, Engineering, Commerce as their career Lila Madhab Saikia went out of the croud and choosed to become an Astrologer, a bold decision indeed. And since then the journey of the making of Astrologer Lila Madhab Saikia began. Besides being a very good Astrologer, Lila Madhab Saikia is also a house to Tantrik Vidya (knowledge). This Tantrik Vidya was initiated into him by his late grand-father(maternal) since a very young age. Many times he used to accompany his grandfather whenever his grandfather goes to perform any Tantrik puja or other similar kind of puja associated with it. According to Lila Madhab Saikia, his grandfather was a very powerful and best Tantrik he have ever known. Also to be mentioned here that Lila Madhab 's father Sri. Hem Chandra Saikia also keeps keen interest in Astrology and Tantrik powers and consider it as his second Profession. Even today people from far places comes to see his father and seek solutions to their problems from him. No doubt Astrology runs at Lila Madhab Saikia 's blood.

Lila Madhab Saikia as "AstroSaikia"
Lila Madhab Saikia is one among the renouned Astrologers of Assam as well as India. From high profile politicians to famous businessman to other professionals to common man; all includes in his list of clients. He is a known face in the television as well, as many TV channels invite him to participate in live shows, debates His Perfect predictions and astrological readings makes him favourite among his clients from not only Assam but from all over the country. He is also known for his good sense of humour and his ability to speak at any given situation or circumstances. Naturally gifted with a spectacular intuitive prowess, he listens to and relies on his inner voice to foresee and predict. His clients loves calling him by the name AstroSaikia or it can be said that in the world of Astrology he is famously known as AstroSaikia.

Unknown fact about Lila Madhab Saikia
many people is not aware of the fact that besides being a good Astrologer Lila Madhab Saikia is also a very good poet and writer. He always had the habit of bringing out his thoughts and imaginations in the shape of poems. Till date he has written more then 100 poems. In 1996, Assam Sahitya Sabha published his 1" book of poems. He also writes blogs and articles for various mazagines and journals as well.

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